Tansu Chests Save You Space While Giving Your Room Elegance


Tansu Chests: Fashionable and a Space Saving Staircase

If you are looking for a great way to maximize your space, and at the same time share the elegant look with your friends and family—check out japanese space saving furniture and see Tansu Chests.

A little bit about what a Tansu Chest is…

Tansu slowly became a feature in the Japanese culture during the years 1657-1923, and many different styles captured the imaginations of the Japanese people. Tansuyas, or craftsmen, developed the idea of converting their chests into mobilized staircases. The Japanese term is, Kaidan-dansu.

Although these Tansu chest-staircases are rich with Japanese heritage, it is the modern builders, who have given them great quality meaning. Rich with its hard-wood exterior design, the interior is perfect for a combination of items that you want to store away while being inconspicuous about it.

Pull-out drawers are very convenient for multi-purposes, like clothing and clothing accessories. We all know how much space can be taking up by shoes, and other garments.

Today, you can incorporate your modern needs, while utilizing a refined part of Japanese furniture history. Tansu chest staircases are very simple and convenient to use. Move them around anywhere until you find your perfect spot.

There a tons of designs sure to fit your home. Many are visually stimulant, and great for dividing, and organizing items you won’t use for particular seasons. These are for display and furniture purposes only, as firm and durable as they are, they shouldn’t be used a staircases.